How to buy coins Safe and securely with Bitcoin

It’s my goal to keep everyone, myself included, as safe as possible. To that end, my website accept anonymous payments with Bitcoin.

While legal, my content might be frowned upon in your country, so everyone should always be as safe as possible on the internet, and leave the least amount of traces. Not using payment systems like Paypal etc. is a big step in this. While Bitcoin is not completely anonymous, it’s the most anonymous way that you’ll be able to purchase my site coins.


Now I understand that Bitcoin might seem frightening if you’ve never used it before, but I promise you it’s actually easier than you’d think.
Think of bitcoin as exchanging money when visiting a country that has a different currency. Instead of you being able to purchase my content with dollars, my site only accepts that other country’s currency.

Bitcoin got a bad reputation due it being largely unregulated. Which attracts a lot of unsavory people to try an trick/scam people into get rich scheme’s and all that bad stuff. But if all you want to do is make a few purchases, it’s completely safe if you follow the easy steps below.

Step 1. Get a bitcoin Wallet

Setting up your first Bitcoin wallet is simple. There are several quality mobiledesktop, and hybrid wallets available.

It’s highly recommended you go for a mobile wallet, like the one from Bitpay. But pretty much all mobile wallets (that you install on your phone) are a good choice. They make paying with your bitcoin on websites very easy, as you can then simply scan a QR code to enter all payment details into your wallet. No chance of entering a wrong bitcoin address or the wrong amount!

Step 2. Get/buy bitcoins

Now that you’ve got your wallet, it’s time to put some bitcoin in it. 

I found and indacoin to be the easiest to use.



With Coinbase you can also buy coins with a EU bank account, and Indacoin requires no ID verification.

All providers either let you transfer your bitcoins to your wallet directly during the purchase, or let you transfer the coins from your account there, to your wallet.



Never let your bitcoins remain on those “online wallets” for long periods of time.

Use those services to purchase the bitcoin, and either make a purchase on a site (like mine) directly or transfer them to the wallet you installed in step 1.

Step 3. You're ready to shop!

Got those bitcoins ready in your wallet?

Then on select the credits package you want to purchase and select the “pay with bitcoin” option.


You are now shown the purchase amount in Bitcoin, and a bitcoin address like for example: 1BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2
You are also shown a QR code, which can be used with mobile phone wallets.


If you have a wallet app on your phone:

Scan the QR code shown on my website to enter all payment information automatically into your app.

Check that the amount’s match what is shown on my website and click “send” or “Pay”

Now you only have to wait for your payment to be confirmed. This can take up to a couple of hours but usually takes about 20 minutes. 


If you installed a wallet on your pc/laptop:

In your wallet, select the “send money” option, and enter the EXACT bitcoin address shown on my website, and the EXACT bitcoin amount shown.


Click send and wait for the payment to be confirmed. This can take up to a couple of hours but usually takes about 20 minutes.


After your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an order confirmation email containing your coin topup code, which you can claim at


If at any time you made a bitcoin payment but didn’t receive the credits, or something else went wrong, please contact me here: