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In the deep of the night, with his parents a sleep, a young boy named Samuel is having the time of his life on the internet. Doing what every “Cock Hungry” young boy does on the internet… Having webcam sex with unknown men from all over the country.

While his usual catch of the night isn’t that special, today’s catch will be quite different.
Cause tonight Samuel caught himself a real Hung and Buff daddy to chat with.


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3 reviews for BL World #3 – Hotel Boy Toy

  1. smoothie (verified owner)

    That was amazingly hot! Watching the naturally submissive Samual get dominated, fucked roughly by big black men, and then literally owned was a fantasy come to digital life. I am waiting for Part 2!

  2. undefined. (verified owner)


  3. smoothie (verified owner)

    Flaming hot story. Please continue this particular story starting with the boy being taken to the club.

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